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 About  Us   

We began in the VFW hall in Woodstock in January of 1984 as Woodstock Squares. The pioneer members sponsored our first dance in September 1984 in the Woodstock Grade School.  We eventually renamed our club to NW Grand Squares and moved our events to McHenry Township Center in Johnsburg.


The club continues to sponsor lessons each year, Spring and Fall at McHenry Township Hall and Recreation Center in Johnsburg. Our monthly dances are on the first Saturday of the month, September through June, at the McHenry Township Center.


The NWGS can reflect on the many changes that have occurred in square dancing in the past 35+ years, but it still remains FUN!  Check our LEARN TO DANCE page to see how you too can square dance. SQUARE DANCING is for fitness of the mind and the body!

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