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 About our Caller 

Lesson One

Join us IN PERSON at our refresher lessons at:
McHenry Township Hall and Recreation Center

Circle Left/Right

Forward and Back




Allemande Left/Arm Turns

Right and Left Grand

Left+Right Hand Stars

Courtesy Turn

Ladies Chain

Pass Thru

Lesson Two

Star Thru

Slide Thru

Half Sashay


Wheel Around

Ladies In/Men Sashay

 *John Harden *

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for more information!

Lesson Three

California Twirl

Bend the Line

U-Turn Back


Dive Thru

Lesson Four

Square Thru

Grand Square

    John Harden has been square dancing for over 15 years and our  square dance caller for several years.  John got started while a church music director. Being a musician and singer for most of his life, it was an easy transition to becoming a caller.
    Not only does John instruct our lessons, he also calls at dances, workshops, and special events. He has called at 3 National Square Dance conventions and many state conventions.
    John brings a fresh approach to our state dance. John's singing calls give us a variety of new and older songs that bring smiles to our faces. His great sense of humor also lifts our spirits during this time when we struggle to keep a positive outlook on life. 

Lesson Five

Lead Right / Lead Left

Veer Left / Veer Right

Circulate (Couples/Named Dancers)

Trade (Couples/Named Dancers)

Chain Down the Line

Lesson Six

Right & Left Thru

Flutterwheel/Reverse Flutter

Sweep a Quarter

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Please use this link to view videos...

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